Monday 11th February 8pm: Skeptical Open(ish) Mic

The Tanners Arms, Horsham 8pm, 11th February 2013 

FREE ENTRY! (Normally £2) 

**Very pleased to announce that all donations taken on this night will go towards the Phoenix Stroke Club, a local charity that works with those have have suffered from stroke and other neurological problems.**

Here’s their page at The Stroke Association

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket to our special Sunday event with Dr. Brooke Magnanti, don’t be sad! We still have our regular SitP night on Monday the 11th and for the first time we are presenting 3 speakers who were voted for by our beloved audience.

And here are the talks:

Tannice Pendegrass


Drawing on her experiences at various Holistic and Mystic events of and her background in psychology, Tannice will take you on a brief tour through your own mind to show you how you might find yourself tricked. From pareidolia to praying to psychics, you’ll divine an insight into how the other half live. You might even find some common ground with believers.

Tannice is the assistant editor of The Skeptic Magazine, does a talk about quack autism treatments and runs Guildford Skeptics in the Pub. She is also a committee member of the South East Skeptics Society.

James Smith


Can wind turbines make you ill? Are your energy bills going up every year to pay for more renewables? Is nuclear power safe? Can we run the world on solar power? We’ll take a quick look at the most popular energy myths, and maybe uncover a few facts along the way.

Inigo Aranguena

(Where Dawkins and I got it all wrong.)

Through the analysis of interesting (and fun) data, and with the help of other rational tools (for example, we’ll see what we can learn from the recent evolution of technology) I will show that, in spite of what many skeptics believe, the world is not becoming more rational at all. We will see why The-God-Delusion type of approach is never going to work, and that, in fact, can do more harm than good.


Each talk will be about 15 minutes long, with up to 15 minutes of Q&A and discussion after each. This is the first time we have tried this format and if it goes as well as we think it will then we’ll do these kind of events more often.

By South East Skeptics

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